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Experimental Motion Graphics





"This emanates from that: that also derives from this. This is also that and that is also this."



ONE is a two minute forty second experimental video which presents the relationship between ‘simplicity’ and ‘complexity’ inspired by Chuang-Tzu’s philosophy. This work explains that simplicity and complexity seem to be opposite but, in fact, they are mutually constructed concepts. By demonstrating that simple elements are gathering together, thus creating a complex structure, this video implicates a reciprocal relationship between simplicity and complexity. This complex structure then becomes one simple element but at the same time it composes part of another structure.


The conceptualization of this video is based on Chuang-Tzu’s philosophy. According to Eastern thought, creation is composed of Yin (e.g. negative, female) and Yang (e.g. positive, male). Among other Eastern philosophers, Chuang-Tzu deliberately elaborates the concept of Yin and Yang. Chuang-Tzu delivers the concept of Yin and Yang as "this and that" in his The Chuang-Tzu. "This and that" appear to exist separately, but they exist together - there is no boundary between "this and that." Consequently, "this and that" are leveled together into ONE.


The video begins with one dot. This dot duplicates itself into many, and they compose a line. The single line is associated to other lines, lines produce a facet, and the facet multiplies to a cube. Then the cube multiplies a lot of cubes, and this cluster of cubes creates a sphere. One dot and cube are the metaphor of simplicity, and the simple element, the cube, makes another complex structure -- a cluster of cubes. The complex structure, a cluster of cubes, then creates another simple sphere. This video follows the logic that complexity derives from simplicity, and complexity and simplicity finally become one. This video then shows the sphere as one element of an image of a human being. The computer network world, with which the human being is in contact, is made up of pixels and bits. Eventually, the human beings are also one of elements along with other creatures, that compose the earth. Thus, all creatures composing this world seem to be complex, but they are simple. This video demonstrates to viewers that if we see complex things more simply, everything will be seen as one.


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